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August 24, 2022
by malikumi1

Blackpool Footgolf | Make your Day in Thornton Cleveleys In 2022

Thornton-Cleveley is the best home to the Tee Time golf centre in Footgolf Blackpool, Lancashire. Here footgolf is played on a very diverse course with 18 and 9 holes.  The…...

Thornton-Cleveley is the best home to the Tee Time golf centre in Footgolf Blackpool, Lancashire. Here footgolf is played on a very diverse course with 18 and 9 holes. 

The club offers foot golf competitions, a fun way to promote the game and create interest in players of all levels and abilities. 

As its name, foot golf in Black Pool combines a relaxing game of golf with a crazy game, football. If you want to beat your peers and claim victory, you have to do your best. 

One thing is that the rules and regulations of golf are highly applied. You should drill nine holes in as few shots as possible. However, you can leave your club and ball at home as you will be using your feet and football in this game.

Given that the game is rapidly gaining followers and becoming more and more popular, it has worth booking in advance. The clubhouse offers excellent coffee. You can enjoy using their free Wi-Fi or watching sports TV. 

Footballs are available for rent. If you need them, feel free to bring them as an alternative. There is plenty of parking on-site for all guests.

The Blackpool Foot Golf Course is designed to have larger holes with more space for kickbacks. 

If you want to land in this hole, you should use your round kick and your insertion accuracy. A referee will be on hand to guide you through some of the fun challenges, including the longest drive. They will even hand over the losers!

For people who want to make their day by celebrating birthdays and parties, Blackpool Footgolf also facilitates it. 

Birthday or Stag Do Celebration in Blackpool Footgolf

You have to choose Blackpool Footgolf for your stag do or birthday parties, it makes your day wonderful and full of joy. This resounding seaside resort is one of the favourite places in the UK.

You’ll have to explore the famous Pleasure Beach, visit the Black Pool Tower, and play arcade games.

Foot Golf is the perfect choice for football fans and golfers who are looking for a relaxing activity during their stay at Black Pool. And, even if you’re not into your sport, you won’t deny yourself the pleasure of hitting football around the golf course. It also has a hotel nearby. 

Why should you choose Blackpool Hotels? 

 They’ve celebrated 18 years of Blackpool Weekends, so they know the need of customers. Good quality, clean, welcoming hotel accommodation that caters to groups and allows for the fact that everyone comes to Blackpool for a good time. 

It has over 40 hotels on Footgolf. They also place your party in their ‘best available’ hotel and confirm the details with you after deposit. In the unlikely event, that you are not happy with your chosen hotel, they will move your party to an alternative hotel. 

Customer satisfaction is the priority of Blackpool Footgolf. Their superior hotels are of better quality and a little more expensive. You can choose your hotel option at the time of booking. The facilities of the hotel are 

  • Centrally located on-site 
  • Breakfast
  • VIP Guest Night entry
  • 18 holes of footgolf
  • For two nights: £94.00
  • For three nights: £129.00

What are the facilities of the Blackpool Footgolf? 

What are the facilities of the Blackpool Footgolf? 

For those who want to join the course footgolf in Blackpool, Footgolf Sports provides a detailed description of the friendly golf of Blackpool Footgolf with their facilities. Here is a description of Blackpool Footgolf:

Timing of the Footgolf:

Opening Time: It opens from 1 pm in weekdays and 12 pm on weekends seven days a week, which is suitable for all ages.  

Closing time: The closing time for the course is changed, Mon-Fri 9 pm, Saturday 6 pm, and Sunday 3:30 pm. It remains close during the rainy weather as the course greenery is wet and becomes difficult to play for the golfers. 


18 Holes, Par 34, 834 long Yard Course

Size of Footballs

£5 for 1 football hire with £1 deposit

Extra Facilities

  • Free Car Parking
  • Bar Menu both days a week
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • Alcoholic drinks allowed
  • Various hotels within 2 miles
  • COVID-19 Secured
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Food & Drink Packages Available
  • 3 miles away from Blackpool North
  • Birthday Parties
  • Events and Stags do

Price List of the Blackpool Footgolf

Price List of the Blackpool Footgolf

Adult football teams with Stag do prices

Bottle of champagne 1 per group

9 HOLES= £8 for 1 person

18 HOLES= £10 for 1 person 

Fa Cup Package

9 Holes + bottle of champagne=£10PP

Premier League Package

 9 Holes+ BURGER +1pint = £15PP

Europa League Package

18 Holes+ BURGER + 1Pint+ bottle of champagne= £20PP

Champions League Package

 18Holes+ BURGER + 1Pint+ Bottle of champagne+ 1 game of inflatable human football= £25PP


From the above article, you came to know about the Blackpool footgolf which is an 18-hole course. For further details, you can contact us freely.

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