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May 26, 2022
by malikumi1

Best Footgolf Belfast | Mount Ober Footgolf Detail 2022

The best Footgolf Belfast to play footgolf is the Mount Ober Course. Foot golfers who are looking for the best footgolf in Belfast have the best choice of Mount Ober.…...

The best Footgolf Belfast to play footgolf is the Mount Ober Course. Foot golfers who are looking for the best footgolf in Belfast have the best choice of Mount Ober. The course at the Belfast Footgolf Centre is situated at Mount Ober Golf Course, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Only two miles southwest of Belfast, Day Trappers are looking for some entertainment, a new and exciting thing in the FootGolf session. Footgolf of Belfast is about 1581 yards, Par 67, 9 and 18 holes. It grabs the interest of other people who want to walk only. 

Hold some comfortable clothing, football and some friends, and see the madness of new and growing footgolf. On the site, you will also find a clubhouse that will have free Wi-Fi, bar and food options, as well as sports TV facilities. 

While enjoying a drink and watching the latest sports matches on TV, you feel comfortable for a few hours after a period of footgolf at the course. You can increase the game of footgolf in Ireland, spreading the word about the place and combining the technique of both football and golf into a fun game.

What you will find at Footgolf Belfast? 

You will find the best party point at the Footgolf Belfast. One thing to consider is that you have to play on a golf course with a standard size five football according to the golf rules. 

The advantage of the game lies every time you play a footgolf; you lose to be able to connect strength and precision with strategy. And the second thing is that it is open to everyone.

Here are some key points of the Mount Ober course; 

Mount Ober course

  • Great entertainment for all the family
  • Always available for parties of stag and hen 
  • Birthday parties
  • Student Outing point
  • Sports Teams can play here
  • Staff Days Out are also provided
  • Corporate with the team building days
  • There is no restriction on the dress code.
  • Bring your ball or hire one for £ 1.

What are the facilities of the Footgolf Belfast? 

For the Golfers who are waiting to join the course in footgolf Belfast, Footgolf Sports provides a detailed description of a friendly golf experience with their facilities. Here is a description of Footgolf Belfast:

Timing of the Footgolf:

Opening Time:

 It opens sharp from 10 am, or sharp at 9 am seven days a week. But for Tee time, it’s open from morning 8’o clock.

Closing time: The closing time of the course varies according to the weather condition and how busy the course is. But the closing time for the parks is fixed yearly and can be different from the course closing times.


9,18 Holes, Par 67 and 1581 Yard Course

Size of Footballs

Size 5 Footballs Provided

Extra Facilities

  • Free Car Parking
  • Large Cafeteria for Footgolfers
  • Alcoholic drinks allowed
  • COVID-19 Secured
  • Hens and Stag parties are allowed. 
  • Food & Drink Packages Available
  • 2 miles away from South west Belfast 
  • Can Cater for Junior Parties and Big events for the groups of the Footgolf team.
  • Fully Licensed Bar 

Price List of the Footgolf Belfast: 

Price List of the Footgolf Belfast

For booking 9 holes
Adults: £8
Players under age of 16: £5

For booking 18 Holes
Adults: £10.00
Players under 16’s: £8

Special group offer – For a group 5+ people
9 Holes (Adults) £6 (Under 16) £4
18 Holes (Adults) £8 (Under 16) £6

How can you book one round online? 

This is a free service, and the payment is made on the day at the park. On average, 9/18 feet of golf holes are completed in 1 or 2 hours. We recommend booking a course, as courses get busy and can already be booked, or rows on arrival.

By following the method, you can book a round online

  1. Please select a round button to the book.
  2. Select the date/time you need, click the box for the required time, and complete the form.
  3. You can only book a calendar area to light with a time slot.
  4. Each Tee-slot can be booked for five players once
  5. For large groups, book enough Tee-slots to meet the size of the group.e.g. 10.05am, 10.15am, etc.
  6. You will get an email to confirm your booking(s)


You can enjoy the best footgolf in the Belfast by choosing Mount Ober with over 9 or 18 holes. Timings of the course are daily from 9 am, 8 am, and 10 am. There is a lot of free parking here, and the ball hire is available, but here the option is that you can bring your size five football. 

If you want to join footgolf in Belfast, you can get almost all the information from the above content. It will help you join the course if you’re going to get further details to contact us freely.

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