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March 14, 2022
by malikumi1

Best Germany Footgolf Courses 2022 – You Should Try It

Footgolf is a sport in which two-sport is combine. Football and Golf. In Germany, it is call as FuBball Golf or Buschball. Footgolf is full of entertainment. You can enjoy…...

Footgolf is a sport in which two-sport is combine. Football and Golf. In Germany, it is call as FuBball Golf or Buschball. Footgolf is full of entertainment. You can enjoy the game with family and friends. Here we are discuss different Germany Footgolf Courses :

  • Footgolf Deinste
  • Footgolf Berlin
  • The Footgolf Jetzt
  • Footgolf Graz
  • Footgolf Cochem
  • The Footgolf Holland

Footgolf Deinste:

Golf Club Deinster Geest Offers Footgolf Courses in Deinster. This Footgolf course provides 18 hole course that is not easy. It has many hazards and natural obstacles.

Germany Footgolf courses

Some Rules:

  • Footgolf is played with regular soccer balls on a classic golf course.
  • To protect the terrain, the rules stipulate that either shoes with multi-lug soles or shoes for the gymnasium or indoor floors are suitable.
  • Cleated shoes are not permitted.

Footgolf Berlin:

The leisure sports team designed disc golf and footgolf course in the equestrian stadium. (Cross-boccia could also be offered.) After a sport-specific short introduction and practice phase, the target group would be supervised by (sports) educational staff with a minimum distance and in compliance with the existing hygiene requirements “play” or go through the course in several small teams. This offer includes attractive leisure activities that can be practiced by a relatively broad target group (even those with little previous sporting knowledge and skills).

Germany Footgolf Courses


Equestrian Stadium at the Olympic Park

Entrance: Passenheimer Str./ corner of Jesse-Owens-Allee

S-Bahn stations: Pichelsberg or Olympiastadion

Footgolf Jetzt

This footgolf Course is situated on Am Golfpl. 1 OT, 09569 Oederan, Germany. The Best footgolf course provides a 28 hole course.

Some Rules:

  • Footgolf is play on a golf course.
  • Everyone has their football.
  • The ball is play as it lies.
  • The aim is to complete the hole with as few kicks as possible.
  • Everyone gets their score.
  • The Footgolf holes are bucket-size.
  • sporty attire desired
  • Cleats shoes are not allow.

Footgolf Allemagne:

Footgolf is a new attraction located along the Saar, in Beckingen.

Germany Footgolf Courses


Footgolf is an explosive mixture on an 18-hole course, the size of a football, invented in Sweden and now arriving in Germany.

This course of more than 55,000 m² takes you to a real 18-hole golf course completely grassed and vegetated.

Footgolf Graz:

FootGolf facility OPEN

Opening hours:

  • Monday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m
  • Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. & Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m
Footgolf Graz

Group reservations (from 15 people) are possible at any time!

Contact: or 0316/492629

“FOOTGOLF”, the new trend sport from England and the USA, can now be played at the Klockerhof Golf Club!

FootGolf plays like golf. However, a soccer ball is use instead of the golf ball and the foot is use instead of the golf club.

The ball should be put into an oversize golf hole (diameter approx. 53 cm) with as few shots as possible.

The FootGolf rules is implement to the golf rules. You can play “FootGolf” at the Klockerhof/Hart bei Graz golf club.

Footgolf Cochem:


Fun for the whole family.

Just play footgolf on a real golf course.

Footgolf Cochem

This trend sport is conquering Germany. More and more people are combining the most popular sport, football, with the most technically demanding.

Discover this fun for little money.

Footgolf Holland:

Germany Footgolf courses

Virginia Golf Course will be one of Queensland’s first golf courses to offer the fascinating sport of FootGolf! FootGolf has initially introduced to the United States a few years ago, and it has since grown in popularity across the world. Team Building, Fundraising Events, Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Bucks & Hens Parties, and Corporate Days are all fun with this game.

The game is play using a regulation size #5 soccer ball and is a cross between soccer and golf. The regulations are very identical to golf, except that instead of hitting a golf ball, the participants kick a soccer ball. 

soccer golf sport


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