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March 2, 2022
by malikumi1

Best Footgolf Cumbernauld Detail You Should Know In 2022

If you want to enjoy your time in Glasgow so the FootGolf Cumbernauld is the best thing. It offers many services like Stag parties, hens parties, children’s birthday parties, team…...

If you want to enjoy your time in Glasgow so the FootGolf Cumbernauld is the best thing. It offers many services like Stag parties, hens parties, children’s birthday parties, team events, group parties, and adult parties.

FootGolf is full of fun and entertainment because it is a combination of the World’s best games Football and Golf.

 It’s similar to golf in that the goal is to get the ball into as many holes as possible on a course in as few attempts as feasible. It’s also similar to football in that you’re kicking a size 5 ball with larger holes.

The best thing about Footgolf is everyone can play this game. Age does not matter in this game.

What’s particularly great about Footgolf is that it is suited to everyone – old and young, sporty or with two left feet. Above all, it’s enjoyable. It’s a strategy to assure that everyone will grin and chuckle. As a result, it’s particularly well-suited to groups. Furthermore, the group’s talents can be really diverse, yet everyone will still have a good time.

Why Footgolf Cumbernauld

Whereas each course will have something to offer, several courses step out as being highly suitable to groups. One is Cumbernauld Footgolf. This FootGolf course is open 7 days a week. And only for Footgolf Players not sharing with the golfer.

This is because it’s a lengthy and complex course. You can enjoy all the games with your group members for around 2hr.

They also:

Best Location:

Cumbernauld is only 5 miles from Glasgow and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Glasgow and Stirling are about 10 minutes away. Edinburgh is about 40 minutes away as well. Combine with other Scottish experiences or use as a stand-alone option for adult birthday celebrations, children’s activities, or corporate gatherings.

18-hole Footgolf course

The best thing about this course isn’t shared with golfers. It’s a specialized complete 18-hole Footgolf course that spans over 2 miles (72 par). There’s no improvising here; this course is built for long shots, precise shots, and having a great time with a football. This is the only specialized Footgolf course in Scotland. The 18-hole course is set in the profoundly undulating countryside and offers a variety of obstacles. You may just show up and play, but if you want a teacher, Cumbernauld can provide one as well.

Bespoke service

Cumbernauld’s bespoke service is excellent. They specialize in catering for groups and can tailor a package to meet your unique needs. This means that whether you’re searching for a unique kid’s party near Glasgow or Footgolf as part of a stag weekend in Scotland, they’ll put together the perfect package for you. You may even include prizes and bubbly.

 Arrange Transport

No issue if you’re travelling into Scotland for a stag do! Footgolf Cumbernauld can arrange for your airport journey. If you’re arriving by rail or bus, how will you get there? They might be waiting for you in Glasgow’s city centre!

Have excellent on-site facilities

There are many on-site facilities available like bars and restaurants. 

Footgolf Cumbernauld has an onsite licensed bar for all the people. Many Bakari items are available for children like a buffet of jam sarnies and crisps or pies and ale for Stags.

Best Timing:

Another best thing about Cumbernauld is that it is open all weekdays. The opening time is 9 am and the closing time is 8 pm. Not all courses of Footgolf have long opening hours which is a suit to every Foottgolf lover.

Dress Code Guide :

Every Footgolf course has its own demands. Some require a proper dress code for Footgolf. But Cumbernauld course doesn’t have a dress code. You can wear anything you want to like. One thing is to require that you should not wear studs or golf spikes.

Footgolf Cumbernauld Booking:

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