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June 24, 2022
by malikumi1

Footgolf Grimsby | Best To Make your Day Out in 2022

Footgolf Grimsby is located on the Cromwell Road of Lincolnshire and isn’t neglected by this excellent Footgolf option in Grimsby. It has a dedicated Footgolf Centre and Driving Range. It…...

Footgolf Grimsby is located on the Cromwell Road of Lincolnshire and isn’t neglected by this excellent Footgolf option in Grimsby. It has a dedicated Footgolf Centre and Driving Range.

It is beautifully scenes with unmarked hills, paths, areas of water, bridges, and bunkers. Footgolf Grimsby is aesthetically pleasing while offering a challenge for those wishing to examine their abilities.

Established adult hedges and trees give a real sense of closeness and privacy that one does not always enjoy anywhere else.

Football is provided, and you are welcome to visit and play seven days a week. The course is 2,081 yards long with Par 72, so it has a great place for football and golf players. 

There is a clubhouse on-site with plenty of parking means that you can come from further afield in Lincolnshire and believe in having a great day out.

Players of all ages can come, either old or new. Here football boots or bladed boots are not allowed. Consumers want to keep their shirts all the time.

Your payment is made on the day of the course. On average, 9/18 holes of footgolf take 1 or 2 hours to complete, respectively. We recommend booking, as courses get busy and can already be booked or have rows on arrival.

The holes are much more comprehensive than the regular golf course – two feet around. Instead of tees, players use small golf posts.

The shortest hole is only 60 yards, while the tallest one will pressure the muscles at 185 yards. They have three to five kicks. They have a lot of regulars that can get round in seven-under-par in about 40 minutes. 

The course had interest from the golfers coming to the driving range. It is not the one they have a habit of, but many have said they have to go. For those who know that they have received a new game, competitions will be held on a regular basis.

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Do you want 60 days advance booking? 

It has an option to book for 60 days in advance. By the following method, you can book online

  • Select the date when you want to book. 
  • Select the time you require, click on the box for the desired time, and complete the form
  •  You can only book the highlighted time slots. 
  •  Each tee slot can be reserved once for up to 5 players
  • For larger groups, book enough tee slots to cover the group size, e.g., 10.10 am, 10.20 am, etc.
  • You will then be sent an email confirming your booking(s)

Why should you choose Footgolf Grimsby?

Grimsby is open till October of every year, which is best for the golfers who want to play in off-day years. You should choose Footgolf Grimsby whether you are a local or a player; you will move forward to experience the difference when you find Footgolf Grimsby, UK.

  • Remain Open till Twilight
  • A great family day out 
  • Enjoy all member’s groups
  • 18 hole courses for all ages and abilities 
  • Centrally located in Cromwell road- only 5 minutes from River Freshney
  • Serves with the hurdles and obstacles
  • Covered seating area 
  • It takes 2 hrs to complete 18 holes
  • Spectacular surroundings & views
  • Free parking
  • Card or contactless payments 

What are the facilities of the Footgolf Grimsby? 

For those who want to join the course in Grimsby, Footgolf Sports provides a detailed description of the friendly golf of Grimsby with their facilities. Here is a description of Footgolf Grimsby:

Timing of the Footgolf:

Opening Time: It opens sharp from 9 am seven days a week. 

Closing time: The closing time for the course is 6 pm but there is extra time till twilight. It remains close during the rainy weather as the course greenery is wet and becomes difficult to play for the golfers. It also depends on how busy the course is.


18 Holes, Par 72, 2081 long Yard Course

Size of Footballs

Size 5 footballs are provided with a 1£ Ball hire

Extra Facilities

  • Free Car Parking
  • Near River Freshney
  • Bar Menu Seven days a week
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • Alcoholic drinks allowed
  • COVID-19 Secured
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Food & Drink Packages Available
  • Birthday Parties
  • Events and weddings program

Price List of the Footgolf Grimsby

Under 16’s£6.00£7.00
Four Members of family£ 25.00£30.00
Fab Five (single payment)£ 30.00£40.00
All day Footgolf£12.00£15.00
Groups (8 plus adults, single payment)£ 6.00£7.50
Groups (8 plus under 16’s, single payment)£5.00£6.00
Unlimited play after 6pm£7.00£8.00


From the above-written article, you come to know about the Grimsby Footgolf. Here you can play the advanced and most famous game in the UK, Footgolf. For further details, you can contact us here on our site.

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