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March 14, 2022
by malikumi1

Footgolf Jetzt Is One Of The Best Footgolf Courses In Germany

How to play Footgolf in Footgolf Jetzt? The ball has to get in our way. This Footgolf provides a 28 holes course. You start one after the other from the…...

How to play Footgolf in Footgolf Jetzt? The ball has to get in our way. This Footgolf provides a 28 holes course. You start one after the other from the first tee, where everyone kicks their ball in the direction of the hole. The player furthest away from the hole always plays first. Everyone tries to pocket the ball with as few kicks as possible.

Footgolf Rules

Our Footgolf rules are simple and you will receive a short briefing on site. Here are the most important rules at a glance:

  • Footgolf is play on a golf course
  • Everyone has their football
  • The ball is play as it lies
  • The aim is to complete the hole with as few kicks as possible
  • Everyone gets their score
  • The Footgolf holes are bucket-size
  • sporty attire desired
  • Cleated shoes are not allowed.
Germany Footgolf


Your soccer skills will be tested over our 29 short, long, simple, and complicated holes.

You can ask about special rules for relief in the clubhouse. Again, EVERYONE can play.

Important Notice:

Clothing: sporty and elegant would be nice, the best outfit will be awarded.

Footwear: Trainers/multi-studs or football boots for artificial grass.

Ball: It is best to bring it with you, but you can rent it from us if necessary.

What Footgolf equipment is allowed?

You may wear indoor shoes or multi-cams or normal sneakers. Soccer shoes with cams or cleats are not allowed as they would damage the greens. Otherwise, no special equipment is required. Proper sporty clothing is completely sufficient. A polo shirt would be desirable but is not required. A dress code has become established among foot golfers, which looks as follows: knee-length socks, knee-length trousers, polo shirts, and sliders. This is just a suggestion. But please always remember that footgolf is also a sport for gentlemen and ladies. Size 5 footballs can be brought along or rented from us for a deposit.

Who can play footgolf?​

Everyone has probably seen a football game or kicked the ball. That’s enough for footgolf. There are only a few small differences: in footgolf, the ball does not have to be in the SQUARE but the ROUND. The playing field is much larger than a soccer field and then there are obstacles such as trees, bushes, tall grass, or hills and valleys. As we are on a golf course, the footgolf greens are similar to English lawns, providing a challenge even for experienced footballers.

How long does a game last?

Football golf like a half (45 min.) 

Footgolf is like a game over 90 minutes.

Footgolf is like a game with overtime and penalties (150 min.)

What can we bring in Footgolf Jetzt?

Above all, good mood!  

Can I bring my soccer ball?

You can bring your balls.

We would be happy to lend you a ball.

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