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June 19, 2023
by malikumi1

Best Footgolf in Scotland | West Park Footgolf

West Park Golf Course is located in Waterhouse Chelmsford, near Scotland. Footgolf Scotland offers an 18-hole pitch and putts golf course. The greenery of this course has the best drainage…...

West Park Golf Course is located in Waterhouse Chelmsford, near Scotland. Footgolf Scotland offers an 18-hole pitch and putts golf course. The greenery of this course has the best drainage system, making this course the year-round venue for playing footgolf.

West Park Golf Course has a natural beauty that attracts the family of Footgolfers in Scotland. This course provides a challenging round for each level of golfers, and we recommend that you look at the 16th hole, as it makes a challenging test of someone’s game!

In addition to this, the Essex Footgolf scene in West Park Footgolf is another feature found in Scotland. The course is only half a mile away from the town’s railway station, making the course easily accessible.

Footgolf is a game of a moment that lives here because of its entertaining and easy-to-understand nature. This Town Center Course enables young and old to try it evenly, or more experienced players to practice their abilities.

West Park Footgolf is an informal setting where you can wear your choice and take your time to find out the magnificent game of footgolf. Kick Smart!!!

What are the facilities of Scotland Footgolf?

If you want to join the course in footgolf in Scotland, Footgolf Sports provides a detailed description of a friendly golf experience with their facilities. Here is a description of West Park Footgolf of them:

Timing of the Footgolf:

Opening Time: It opens sharp from 10 am to late time seven days a week.

Closing time: Course Park depends on the weather condition and how busy the course is. But the closing time for the parks is fixed seasonally and can be different from the course closing times.


18 Holes, Par 54 and 1403 Yard Course

Size of Footballs

Size 5 Footballs Provided

Extra Facilities

  • Free Car Parking
  • Large Cafeteria for Footgolfers
  • Alcoholic drinks allowed
  • COVID-19 Secured
  • Pets allowance is not mentioned. 
  • Food & Drink Packages Available
  • Near Pitch and Putt Water lane
  • Can Cater for Junior Parties and Big events for the groups of the Footgolf team.

What are the price list of the Scotland footgolf?

The park has the facilitation of payment methods by cash or credit card. You can pay for it at the Course or by Online booking through our website. The price list of the Golf is listed below;

SR. NO.AdultsStudentsConcessionEquipment Hire
For Booking 9 holes£7£8For only membership£5
For Booking 18 holes£5.00£6.0For only membership£5 Deposit with £1 returned

What is the best thing of Scotland Footgolf?

A new adventure in the golf course is the addition of rafts, tunnels, and islands that were open in Chelmsford, Essex, last year. It facilitates a café and toilet within easy reach, so everything you need for a fun, competitive game with family or friends in Footgolf Chelmsford.

The construction of the new Rascal Bay golf course is underway at the West Park Golf Centre on Waterhouse Lane and was launched in January 2021. 

The company behind the project, the Golf Wise Enterprises, claims that the course will be “locally unintentional” and will prove to be an “asset” for the city once completed.

From pirates to dinosaurs and from water to an island shop, visitors of all ages will be present for an adventure described as a “Covid Secured Setting.” It is the third Rascal Bay Adventure Golf Course in the east of the country, with work already underway in Brent Wood and Moncton, Kent.

New Installations:

  • The current 18 Hole pitch and the Putt Course are renovated along with the mini-golf area. The inventors are hopeful that they will return the famous Parkland Course, one of the best parts of the region, to their business class.
  • The project cost in the M1M region, of which £ 700,000 is spent on a new adventure golf course.  
  • Golf Wise Enterprises Director David Big PGA claims that the new mini golf area will provide “The best adventure golf course for some distance.”
  • Visitors can test the recently installed disk golf course and nine-hole footgolf courses. The refreshment facility is upgraded, and the entire site will benefit from investing £ 1 million, supported by Essex Businessman Alan Pierce.
  • The construction of this adventure footgolf course is completed, and the people of Chelmsford can enjoy it a lot here.


You can enjoy the West Park Footgolf Chelmsford with over 9 or 18 holes daily from 10 am (9 am at weekends). There is plenty of free parking, and ball hire is available, but there is the option that you can bring your own size 5 footballs. It will help you join the footgolf in Scotland if you’re going to get further details to contact us freely.

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