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June 10, 2022
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Formby Footgolf | Best Day Outing with the family 2022

Formby Footgolf is a fantastic course founded in late 2015. This course is part of one of the best golf resorts in the area of North West, so try your…...

Formby Footgolf is a fantastic course founded in late 2015. This course is part of one of the best golf resorts in the area of North West, so try your hands and feet in this new and fastest game.

The course is relatively simple and small in appearance in front of another top course in the UK, but do not let you cheat. There are many opportunities for challenges and challenging shots, and an excellent place for newcomers to promote their skills. 

Formby Footgolf is offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm on the nine-hole course (they are also open on the Bank holiday on Monday). The course itself is 685 yards in length and Par 29. Footballs are also available to hire.

It is situated on the Moss-side of Formby, Merseyside L37 OAF and the new field nearby gives a comfortable and friendly feeling to this footgolf course. However, this can be a lot of tests at times, which makes it experienced for professional foot golfers.

Footgolf is included in the country’s fast-growing sports, and we have accepted its growing popularity by introducing one of the 18 Hole Footgolf courses in the UK.

The footgolf course promotes Formby as an enjoyable challenge for all, young or old, male or female, boy or girl, footballer or player. It is a source of fun, but your satisfaction is our priority. Come and try this new and resonant game in Formby Footgolf.

Why should you choose Formby Footgolf? 

Try your play at the UK’s latest sports trend – footgolf at the Formby FootGolf Centre. Challenge the entire family on 9 or 18 holes and see who has the best purpose!

Footgolf is easy than traditional golf and football separately, and children certainly promote it because the football aspect of things is probably already part of their playtime activities. It welcomes all people to get involved, but kids under five may find it a challenging game.

Otherwise, you do not need any experience to participate, and you have to bring everything you have a good mood. Well, it may not even hurt a healthy dose of competitive emotions!

Just a tip makes us – a game of footgolf can make for a fun birthday party activity. There will be blasts in the children walking around the course and kicking the ball.

So if you are looking to do something different on the special day of your break, the Formby Footgolf Center can be the only place for you. You choose Formby due to following reasons;

  • To play on the first footgolf course in Merseyside
  • Be prepared for a fun family competition
  • Ideal for someone over five years of age

What are facilities the of Formby Footgolf? 

For people who are busy all week and want to join the course in Formby, Footgolf Sports provides a detailed description of the friendly golf of Formby Footgolf with their facilities. Here is a description of Footgolf Formby:

Timing of the Footgolf:

Opening Time: It opens Friday to Sunday from 9 am in a week which is best for jobholders.

Closing timeCourse closing time is same but depends on the condition of rain. But the closing time for the course is 5:30 pm and can be different from the course closing times.


18 Holes, Par 29 and 685 Yard Course

Size of Footballs

Size 4 & 5 Footballs provided with £1 Ball hire

Extra Facilities

  • Free Car Parking
  • Alcoholic drinks are not allowed
  • COVID-19 Secured
  • Free Wi-Fi in the clubhouse
  • Coffee Point available
  • Birthday Parties

Price List of the Formby Footgolf: 

For Booking 18 holes

Adults: £9

 Juniors under the age of 16: £6

For booking nine holes

Adults for nine holes: £6

Juniors under 16’s: £4

How can you book one round of Formby Footgolf? 

On average, 9 to 18 holes of golf are completed in 1 or maximum 2 hours. We recommend booking a course, as courses get busy and can already be booked, or rows on arrival.

By following the method, you can book a round online

  1. Please select a round button to the book.
  2. Select the date/time you need, click the box for the required time, and complete the form.
  3. You can only book a calendar area to light with a time slot.
  4. Each Tee-slot can be booked for five players once
  5. For large groups, book enough Tee-slots to meet the size of the group.e.g. 10.05am, 10.15am, etc.
  6. You will get an email to confirm your booking(s)


From the above article, you come to know about Footgolf Formby. It is the simple but smart footgolf in Formby and the best choice for people with busy routines. You can check the price list and facilities by reading this. For more information, you can contact us here.

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