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March 4, 2022
by malikumi1

Gatwick footgolf Best Guide For All Footgolf Lover 2022:

Gatwick footgolf is situated in Horley very close to Gatwick airport. This makes him easily accessible to reach Footgolf’s venue. This Footgolf course is a National Footgolf course with 18…...

Gatwick footgolf is situated in Horley very close to Gatwick airport. This makes him easily accessible to reach Footgolf’s venue. This Footgolf course is a National Footgolf course with 18 holes. This course is the home of Footgolf in the UK. Footgolf Gatwick is a top-level course. Many facilities are provided by this course like if you want to play Footgolf regularly it offers a membership. This is the best offer for Footgolf lovers.

Facilities Provide By Gatwick Footgolf:

Dress Code

Different Courses demands different dress code. But this course has no dress code. Anything you should want to wear on this course. Anything you want. Or any shoes you wear on the course like Football cleats and trainers. Any shoe you like.

Free Football:

This course provides free Football for their players. Or if you want to carry your football you should. But the Football Size is 5.

Group Activities:

Group is also welcome in this course. Spend your time with your friends and family members on this course. This course is for every age people like children adults and old.

Opening Timing:

The best thing about the course is opened 7 days a week. It opens at 9 am every morning.  

Practice Facilities:

Practice Facilities are also available on this course. Gatwick Footgolf is producing many Famous Footgolfers. Like this Practice Makes A Man Perfect.

Basic Rules Of FootGolf Gatwick:

This information is take from this site:

  • Anything you wear in which you feel comfortable. This Course has no dress code.
  • 6 members are allow in the course.
  • Each time, the player who is furthest away from the hole in the next to play.
  • Take a ‘drop’ to where you can play it (but add a penalty shot to your score…) or play it where it lies. If your ball would obstruct another player’s shot, you may mark it and lift it.
  • The ball must be play with a single contact,’ which means no scooping or rolling.
  • The red/yellow flags should be your target.
  • Flags should not be remove from holes.
  • Before you take your next shot, wait until the ball has come to a complete stop.
  • Maintain a steady pace with the groups ahead of you; if you fall behind, let players pass and ‘play through.’
  • If your ball goes into the water, do not try to retrieve it; we can replace it for you. Drop the ball 2 meters away from where it entered the water.
  • The final tee time is an hour and a half before sunset.
  • Alcoholic beverages (no glass) are permitted on the course; all we ask is that they are purchased from the clubhouse and disposed of in the designated bins.
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