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August 10, 2022
by malikumi1

 Seeking Content for a Good Creative Writing Experience In 2022

What is Creative Writing? This is a form of writing which employs both imaginative and creative techniques to express ideas and thoughts in a way that is very personal to…...

What is Creative Writing?

This is a form of writing which employs both imaginative and creative techniques to express ideas and thoughts in a way that is very personal to you. This is about adding more depth and going beyond the academic or technical bounds of literature to add your own ‘flair’ to writing. Instead, it includes various aspects of both fictional and non-fiction writing; storytelling, playwriting, poetry, prose, journalistic, and more.  Creative writing comes in the form of narrative or descriptive writing and is basically original and expressive of one’s own self.

There is a large focus on the plot outline, character developments, portrayal of themes and delivery of dialogues. This type of writing is not shaped by pre-existing structures or genres and is free of any standard conventions. The creative writer instead uses his own experiences to write poems, short stories or biographies based on a diverse range of genres. This art offers career possibilities like employment at publishing companies, marketing agencies, as an independent author, or as a freelance writer producing content on a variety of subjects for clients. 

Creative Writing

Techniques for seeking the best content for creative writing 

Some creative writing strategies and literary devices that writers mostly employ for an effective experience:

  1. Character Journey 

One of the core elements for a good creative writing is to introduce well-rounded characters representing their rites of passage representing their motivations, morals and personal or external conflicts. Allow the readers to sympathize and resonate with these characters with real-life traits and thus serve as learning experiences.

  1. Plot unveiling

This refers to the unique and seamless ways in which a plot develops and moves towards the conclusion. It includes all the driving forces that accelerate your storyline to unfold in the right time span – not being too fast-paced to leave the readers baffled and neither too tedious to cause a loss of interest. 

  1. Dialogue 

The deliverance of words, sentences or phrases adds nuances to the personality traits of characters as well as relays the atmosphere of a particular scene in a story. The way characters address each other as in their tone of voice or diction speaks volumes about their relationships and standing in the plot. 

  1. Point of view 

This is the perspective from which the narrative is told. This indicates who is in the central position to tell the story and in what manner it is being conveyed to the reader. One of the tricks that writers like to utilize is by presenting the story through the eyes of the protagonist which in turn molds the reader’s perspective in the way that the writer wants.  

  1. Literary devices

The metaphors, similes, alliterations and personifications make the creative writing even more imaginative and descriptive, painting a more vivid picture to the readers. The readers will remain engaged for longer if they are to read ingenious phrases and sentence formations instead of the dry and simple sentences. 

  1. Keep in mind the type of reader

You need to consider who you are writing for to keep their interest. They may be university lecturers who have set the question and will be marking you so you must answer it fully. They may be limited on time as they have to read a lot of these essays so make sure your creative writing is precise and not too vaguely worded that the instructor has to re-read it. Since the reader has set the type of question for you and is going over many similar responses, try to be unique and present different approaches in how you can attempt the question to amaze the reader. 

The Pros of a Creative Writing Experience

The numerous benefits that creative writing exercises offer to people immersed in these activities is often undervalued in today’s world of standardized tests, numerical related data-driven work. 

  1. Builds Confidence

You can develop your voice and opinions without shying away from any limitations of not being coherent in your thoughts or speaking openly about the various topics, philosophies and perspectives about different characters that you hold.  Writers who endorse their thinking through their writings are preferably seen as more reliable and authoritative sources than their counterparts who just present one-sided data on a subject without voicing out their concerns on it. There is something mature about the writer who instills his school of thought on a debatable topic so he comes across as an expert with real-world and firsthand experience.  

  1. Imagination boost

For most people, creativity is all about far-fetched ideas representing Sci-Fi or fantasy lands which may be of no use for real-life scenarios. However, during creative writing you are pushing your imagination and thinking outside the box. This gives you an opportunity to shift your focus on alternative issues like problem solving in the real world. 

  1. Better understanding of reading and writing

You will be well-equipped in using extensive vocabulary in the right context and learn ways in which strict grammar rules need to be employed when and where.  You can master the mechanics of writing critically and professionally so that you write compellingly without coming across as amateur or inauthentic. 

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