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March 1, 2022
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All You Need To Know What Is FootGolf In 2022

FootGolf is the fusion of two sports that are radically opposite yet equally fascinating: golf and football. It is a precision sport in which the goal is to hit a…...

FootGolf is the fusion of two sports that are radically opposite yet equally fascinating: golf and football.

It is a precision sport in which the goal is to hit a soccer ball (size 5) with the least amount of strokes possible into a hole with a diameter of around 50 cm. The name is derived from a combination of football and golf. It is usually played on specially designed golf courses with 9 or 18 holes. The holes are strategically placed to avoid causing damage to the course and to allow golfers and walkers to play on the same course without requiring additional upkeep. Many of the regulations of FootGolf are similar to golf rules. The par, or the number of strokes required to complete the course, is the same as in golf (72 strokes for an 18-hole round).

The length and difficulty of the hole determine the difference in strokes between one hole and the next.

Each course’s initial shot is taken from the tee, and numerous obstacles including bunkers, trees, and water (ponds or streams) must be conquered to reach the hole. This indicates that while having a strong shot is advantageous, it is not crucial. Reading the course, focus, approach to the green and an accurate putt are all far more crucial than they are in golf.

Individual contests, pair competitions, and team competitions are all available. Age groupings are separated into categories.

Clothing Detail:

FootGolf has no contraindications and is accessible to anybody.

To get entrance to the fields, FootGolf has a label and a dress code that must be followed. The game shoes are those used for five-a-side football, which includes little “soft cleats” to protect the surfaces on which you play.

Polo shirts, sweaters, Bermuda shorts (or skirts, as for golf, in the case of ladies), socks, and a cap are the appropriate outfit.


  • The ball must be struck hard; it is not allowed to be pushed or dragged with the instep or sole.
  • Before trying a fresh shot, always wait for the ball to come to a complete stop. The ball must be struck in its current state.
  • Tearing up grass, breaking shrubs or branches, uprooting signs, and destroying manmade impediments are all prohibited. If the ball is unplayable (e.g., in the water, behind a bush, etc. ), the player can move it within 3 metres of the barrier, but not in the hole’s direction, and with a one-stroke penalty. 
  • For the most part, footgolf is played without the presence of a referee. As a result, all players must act in a disciplined manner, constantly displaying civility and sportsmanship.
  • The holes have a diameter of around 50 cm and are obtained in such a way as to retain the pre-existing golf course while using a soccer ball n° 5.
  • Although the game is mostly individual, a team rating is also considered, with the best scores of the team members being factored into the outcome.

FootGolf Course Detail:

A FootGolf course usually has nine (9) or eighteen (18) holes.

The following are the several types of playing spaces that may be found on a field:

The starting area is defined by two “tees,” or markings. The game of the hole begins here. The player must place the ball in the space produced by drawing an imaginary line between the two markers and taking no more than two steps back.

  1. – Yellow and Red poles (field boundaries)
  2.  – White poles (field boundaries) (water obstacles)

Green del Golf

If the ball ends up inside the golf green, it must be moved sideways, within one step, but not in the direction of the hole, without penalty.

Fairway and rough

The fairway is a long stretch of trimmed grass designed to make ball play easier. The rough, or thick grass, develops on the edges of the fairway, making the game more difficult. A course’s fairway isn’t necessarily straight; it might bend right or left during the hole, which is known as a “dogleg.” There are usually white stakes along the edges of the hole that designate the field’s boundary (OUT): if the ball falls beyond these stakes, the shot is invalidated, and the player must retake the shot with a one-stroke penalty.


FootGolf is promoted in Italy by a number of organisations.

The AIFG staged the inaugural FootGolf competition in May of 2013. (Italian FootGolf Association).

Other national organisations, like the LNF, conduct competitions to fulfil the rising demand of nearly 2000 practitioners around the country. Because the CONI has yet to recognise FootGolf as an official sport, no federation may exist in Italy (unlike other countries such as Argentina and Hungary where FootGolf is a recognised sport – in Argentina there is also a professional league).


From 2009 to 2012, Leonardo Decaria, the President and Founder of the National FootGolf Association of Italy, had direct contact with Javier de Ancizar, Maurits van Tubergen Lotgering, and Gabor Gelencser, respectively presidents of AAFG (Argentina), FootGolf Holland (Netherlands), and Magyar FootGolf (Hungary).

Since its inception (12 April 2012), the AIFG – Italian FootGolf Association has maintained close ties with other FootGolf organisations across the world and has been recognised as an exclusive member of the FIFG – Federation for International FootGolf – since 1 January 2013. The International Federation now has over 30 member countries, spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

The AIFG has previously organised numerous recognised events in Italy under the patronage of the FIFG – Federation for International FootGolf, with complete organisational autonomy and entire respect for the host clubs’ structures and environs.

The AIFG – Italian FootGolf Association has recognised the ASD Muppets FootGolf Club 2017 as an official member.

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