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August 15, 2022
by malikumi1

What is Picuki? Is it safe or not? Best Guide 2022

One of the most significant and popular apps amongst youngsters these days is Instagram. It has all the features that one needs while social networking. You can display your entire…...

One of the most significant and popular apps amongst youngsters these days is Instagram. It has all the features that one needs while social networking. You can display your entire gallery of photos, like, comment or share posts. Private or group direct messaging options are also available. Some users do not have an account made on Instagram but they might feel obliged to check out any important profiles. For instance, it may be work related and someone wants to view a business profile on Instagram. However, they are short of time and cannot follow through the entire procedure of making an account first. This is when Picuki comes to rescue. This is a very useful page which helps you view the instagram profile of any specific person. You can even look at their stories, hashtags and posts all you like. Through this website you can easily browse instagram without having to log in. This is particularly important when doing market research. For your targeted findings you can use Picuki to search the popular hashtags or locations and then save the posts. You even get to see the profiles of people who have their accounts public. Go through their posts and stories and even save them for watching later on. This way you can collect a diverse range of ideas that will be very helpful for your research or business projects. 

Why is Picuki helpful?

You can visit random Instagram posts from people who you do not follow. You can read the full captions without having to tap down on the posts. Everything is made convenient with this feature. You can also use the control + “f” key to locate any picture that you are searching for according to the given caption. The built-in photo editor in picuki lets you add filters, crop and even zoom in to the pictures. The fact that Picuki is entirely anonymous is secretive and genius at the same time. This means that your instagram handle won’t show if you view or download any stories. This also has the added advantage that other users won’t be notified if you download their posts. Any people that you searched by their instagram username or even legal name will not know. Picuki can be used by downloading the app directly from Google Play Store. If you do not prefer the downloaded version then you can simply browse their website ( on a computer. This online tool will allow you to download pictures from an IG account online with complete privacy of your own. You do not need to log in or register to download an image from any particular ID. You even get to edit people’s posts online. Set a filter and maybe enlarge or minimize it as you like. Adjust the saturation and contrast or add brightness in whatever aesthetic way that pleases you.

What are the ways of using Picuki?

What are the ways of using Picuki?

There are two basic ways of searching Instagram posts on Picuki. This is by viewing photos from account search or viewing photos from hashtag search. For the Account search method you simply need to click on the URL for the Picuki website. After entering this online IG photo download tool, you will arrive at a home page. Using Picuki is always very simple. You just have to enter the other party’s instagram account directly on the website. The website will then display the IGs of all the accounts that relate to the one you are searching for. Majority of times you won’t have to spend a lot of time sifting through the different Instagram handles to finally find the one you want. Finally click to enter the IG account that you were finding. Then Picuki will by default show you all the pictures of that IG account whenever they have posted. The website even shows you the IG posts of the account that have specifically been listed for you. You get to browse all of the posts until you find the one that you want. Click on the picture to download it. Once you select the post photo, if you feel like saving it, click on “download.” The Instagram picture on the Picuki website is full size. Hence there should be no problem of the thumbnail decreasing in size. 

The hashtag search is the second method for viewing instagram photos. You can go to Picuki like and just type in the search bar. Simply enter the hashtag that you are looking for and click on “search icon.” Just choose the Tags above the search results that the website displays for you. Many types of hashtags will be shown on your browser to choose from. You can tap on the one which is most appropriate for you. When the hashtag search results are projected on your screen, you will only need to scroll the page. This way you get to have a quick overview of all the pictures that the hashtag accompanies. Perhaps, the biggest and most distinguishing feature in Picuki is that you can edit people’s pictures online. No other IG downloader app allows you to do so. You get to adjust the sharpness, colors and exposure etc of pictures on instagram. This is so user friendly. You can even download these edited images directly into your phone or computer gallery. 

Quick facts about Picuki

On instagram when you view a story, you get a footprint. However, many people want to see stories without revealing it to the person who put up the story. Picuki helps you in this. Browsing instagram anonymously through Picuki is completely legal and safe. Through the site you have an enormity of options to explore. You can read comments on a post.l. See celebrity profiles, see their hashtags etc. Comment on a post or view a story. However, there are also some restrictions like you cannot access profile settings or make your own post. You cannot watch videos livestream. Or even view and download posts and stories from an account that is private. 

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