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September 15, 2022
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Burnage Footgolf | The Manchester Footgolf

Burnage Foot Golf is located in Stockport, Greater Manchester, making it a welcome addition to the Northwest Foot Golf scene. Footgolf is a trend game, and if you haven’t caught…...

Burnage Foot Golf is located in Stockport, Greater Manchester, making it a welcome addition to the Northwest Foot Golf scene. Footgolf is a trend game, and if you haven’t caught it yet, then Burnage Footgolf will give you a chance to see what the game is. 

Football Golf is a combination of the best football and golf, with the technique and style of football in conjunction with the principles of golf, and often incorporated into existing golf courses.

Size 5 footballs are recommended for the game, especially with large holes placed where the idea is to put the ball into the hole in as many kicks as possible.

More than a decade, Burnage RFC has run a 9-hole PN Play golf course on its 11-acre site. It is a beautiful Woodland course, close to the River Mersey, and serves hot meals with the finest facilities of the Burnage Rugby Clubhouse with a fully licensed bar. 

What is the specificity of Burnage Footgolf?

The beauty of foot golf is that it is very accessible whether you are young or old or, if you have any previous experience with golf or football. It’s a great way to breathe in the fresh air, do light exercise and have fun with your family and friends the most.

It is a challenging course for golfers and foot golfers with long fairways, elevated tees, tree lines, hedges, bunkers, and even a natural water hazard, which we are sure to tell us in the UK. And It also makes football one of the best golf courses.             

It is a 9-hole course in Burnage RFC. And It is a woodland course through which the River Mersey runs as a natural hazard. The course remains open on Thursday and Sunday of every week.

The course is challenging with long miles, and you will also need to find trees, hedges, and bunkers. The venue offers a facility where you can buy hot and cold food with a fully licensed bar menu.

It is a multi-sports facility and is home to the Stockport Vikings and Raddish Wilkins football clubs, as well as 100 social players who use Floodlit 5-A-side and full-size 3G patches seven days a week throughout the year.

Now footgolf has been added, and the Pay & Play Golf Course from Thursday to Sunday has transformed into an authorized UK FootGolf Course, complete with official equipment rentals and scorecards.

What are the rules to play at Burnage Footgolf? 

Here is some description of playing footgolf. Following are some rules;

  • It only takes 1 to 2 hours to play nine holes. You will need your football, training shoes and proper clothing. Football shoes and blade boots are not allowed.
  • Place speed in the game with other groups
  • Wait until the ball has stopped before taking your shot.
  • Tee shots should be made behind the tee line.
  • Just play the ball as it lies, don’t touch it or not adjust it by hand.
  • At any time, it should be in a single ball motion.
  • Loose particles can be removed without a penalty, i.e., branches and leaves.
  • If an obstacle obstructs you, you can pick up or leave the ball without a penalty.
  • When another play is taking their shot, you should wait for your turn, do not stand directly behind them or in front of them.
  • The maximum score is ten shots per hole.

What are the facilities of the Burnage RFC Footgolf? 

For those who want to join the course in footgolf, Burnage, Footgolf Sports provides a detailed description of the friendly golf of Burnage RFC Footgolf with their facilities. Here is a description of Burnage Footgolf:

Timing of the Footgolf:

Opening Time: It opens sharp from 9 am on every Thursday and Sunday of a week, which is suitable for all ages.  

Closing time: The closing time for the course is 6 pm sharp on both days of week. It remains close during the rainy weather as the course greenery is wet and becomes difficult to play for the golfers. It also depends on how busy the course is.


9 Holes, Par 32, 889 long Yard Course

Size of Footballs

£2 for football hire (£7 Deposit with £5 returned)

Extra Facilities

  • Free Car Parking
  • Bar Menu both days a week
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • Alcoholic drinks allowed
  • COVID-19 Secured
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Food & Drink Packages Available
  • Near River Mersey of UK
  • Birthday Parties
  • Events and weddings program

Price List of the Burnage Footgolf

SR. NO.AdultsStudentsConcessionEquipment Hire
For Booking 9 holes£10£7£7£2
For Booking 18 holes£14£10£10£7 Deposit with £5 returned


From the above article, you can learn about the facilities of Burnage footgolf which is near the River Mersey. Foot Golf is promoted by Burnage RFC, which offers an excellent nine or 18-hole course that is open from 9 am on Thursday and Sunday of a week. For further details, you can contact us freely.

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