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August 10, 2022
by malikumi1

Are Best Crittall Doors going out of Fashion in 2022?

What are Crittall Doors? The crittall design was first developed by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall in Essex in the late 19th century. This classic design is a mix of sharp…...

What are Crittall Doors?

The crittall design was first developed by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall in Essex in the late 19th century. This classic design is a mix of sharp industrialism and elegance which gained popularity when contemporary homeowners decided to look for innovative options for furnishing. The graphic lines for the crittall style gazing are used for windows, doors, room dividers, rear extensions and shower screens. They are especially renowned for their black metal frames with horizontal bars. This minimalistic crittal design has made a reappearance after the famous steel-framed industrial windows in the 1800s. It brings an edgy and industrial touch by making all things modern and expanding the living space by blurring the line between inside and outside. For an open living space without eliminating the boundary wall, crittall style with large frames and glass separations can be a unique solution. Crittall doors also remain relevant in framing courtyards and gardens. Although they were mainly steel frames, they are now made into solid timber alternatives retaining their longevity and sustainability. 

Are Crittall Doors still in Fashion?

Crittall doors are well-reputed for their steel-framed grid-like design but their rising popularity may be seen as a downside. This might be because they end up falling out of trend for over-dominating the design world. Crittall is also compared to the sliding barn door which was overused so much that people lost interest in it later on. Nonetheless, Crittall has very low chances of being replaced by a rival alternative for the latter are harder to install and maintain. The added advantage of crittall doors is that the installation is very easy in contrast to the bespoke arched doors that require a lot of labor. The same case is with standard glazing in contrast to the stained glass for it is more long-lasting and easier to clean. You will only need a normal window cleaner instead of the more complicated ammonia-free cleaner to wipe gently with a microfiber cloth. It is the versatile and timeless appeal of crittall doors which has helped them endure through the centuries.

Benefits of Crittall Doors

  1. Longer lasting

Steel doors are more durable and are protected by warping and rusting due to the galvanisation process. These quality steel doors can be expected to last for upto 60 years. Similarly the power coating will survive 25-30 years before requiring redecorating. A hot-dip coating is used to galvanize the metal and a performance-boosting coating to maximize the life-span.  The crittall-style doors are double or triple glazed and there is feature quality draught proofing to make sure your home remains air-tight and energy sufficient. Since steel is long lasting and recyclable, crittall doors are a viable eco-friendly option than uPVC. 

  1. Create zones

Open-planned living is appealing for all but architects and interior designers are searching for more practical and aesthetically pleasing ways to separate large spaces through smaller divisions. The crittall style doors will allow you to make demarcations within your home without blocking out sunlight or view from the adjoining space.

  1. Lets in light

Crittall doors are the perfect solution to allowing light rays to pass in giving the same effect as greenhouses do. You can display greener from outside to create the illusion of an indoor/outdoor space. The construction methods for these crittall steel doors allow minimum sightlines – the viewer can focus on the scene beyond the glass rather than the door itself. 

  1. A modern touch

Despite its 160 year old history, crittall style is still instilling a modern as well as industrial touch to the contemporary homes or traditional cottages. It is even preferred in trendy settings such as lofts. This timeless piece of architecture adds character to your home. They use top-quality, artisan techniques to remain a leader in the high-end of the market. It defines their legacy and expertise in door designing, proving to be glazing specialists.  

  1. Sustainable

By installing crittall doors you are investing in safety, security and energy savings altogether. Steel is three times stronger than aluminum and vastly more robust than wood. This will add security especially where large panels of glazing are used. Moreover there are almost no maintenance needs due to the galvanized steel construction. Since no redecoration is needed for 20 years, it is a good value for your money. 

  1. Flexibility of designs

These crittall products can be used as replacement, new or replicated windows and doors to provide contemporary aesthetics to homes. Property owners can help create panoramic views on a new extension in homes. These windows and doors are strong and flexible enough to be created as beautiful and bold statements. The crittall doors are available in all shapes and sizes to fit your requirement of the glazing needs. When customers buy Crittall windows and doors from the expert team at Panoramic Windows, they can be assured of the perfect finish.

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