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March 24, 2022
by malikumi1

Footgolf Liguria Sports Association – Genova Cogoleto

The reference point for Ligurian footgolfers and beyond. Founded in 2015 from the passion for this new sport, which unites the passion for football and the elegance of the world…...

The reference point for Ligurian footgolfers and beyond. Founded in 2015 from the passion for this new sport, which unites the passion for football and the elegance of the world of golf, Footgolf Liguria is the reference point for Ligurian golf clubs and for all those who want to approach this new discipline…

Footgolf Liguria

In these 5 YEARS, it has organized many competitions and events, has created  5 TRACKS between Liguria and lower Piedmont to allow the practice of this sport, registering more than  400 PLAYERS.

Competitive team

Our members compete in the National Championship of the National Footgolf League.

Support to Golf Clubs

If you want to open your field to footgolf contact us, we will follow you throughout the development of the activity.

Footgolf for companies

We organize customized company and team-building days, with a turnkey package.

Footgolf for individuals

We organize private events for groups of at least 10 people, a turnkey package.


Footgolf Liguria, not only LNF TOUR

  • Genoa Cfc in training
  • Footgolf On The Beach
  • Footgolf Open In Genoa
  • Memorial Vujadin Boškov
  • Sports Festival in the square
  • Pro-Am charity
  • Arenzano Footgolf Cup

Footgolf on the beach

Befana on the beach in favor of AIRC

Footgolf on the beach

Public of the great occasions on the beach in the city of the Muretto to attend the competition with the great champions of the past with the collaboration of the guys of Footgolf Liguria.

The 2nd edition of 2017 was a party that won over many fans of the old glories of football such as Gianluca Zambrotta who won the second edition of the “Footgolf di Alassio”. Fuser, Barone, Beppe Baresi, Sala, Morocchino, Torricelli, Bonetti, Gualco, Beccalossi, Scanziani, Nappi also played on the beach. Air stations were set up along the racecourse, more than 300 meters, with products supplied by the companies.

The great champions of the past, divided into pairs, kicked the ball in 12 holes where 12 colorful Befana were waiting for them, making the event even more festive. The race was presented by Gianni Vasino, historical journalist and 90th minute Rai commentator.

The goliardic-sporting event is in favor of the Italian Association for Cancer Research and this year, due to bad weather, it has been postponed to next 24 March 2018.

Footgolf Open in Genoa

Genoa Open, one of the most important Italian footgolf tournaments

A great annual appointment with one of the most important Footgolf tournaments in Italy.

Three days of competition that each year sees the participation of over 200 of the best players from all over Italy and abroad and, looking at the large number of “Top Players” from France and Holland, year after year it is turning into an unmissable event in the European calendar of this new and exciting discipline.

To give prestige to the event the participation of several former Italian football champions such as Diego Fuser, Ivano Bonetti, and Luigi Gualco.

A wonderful initiative by Footgolf Liguria, in collaboration with the Genoa St. Anna Golf Club (GE) and the National Footgolf League, which every year thanks to this tournament succeeds in making the Ligurian territory known through the promotion of this new discipline. and vice-versa. Aim achieved also thanks to the numerous Partners who, year after year, decide to accompany us by supporting our business: Costa Cruises, Panarello, Radeberger Group, Stemarpast, Bee Bad, Joma with Willy Sport from Genoa, SNAP, Balilla Golf, Amico Bicchiere and BluBluBlu, all Ligurian companies leader in their field.

The appointment is for next August 1st with a new formula to be discovered!

Memorial Vujadin Boškov

Charity event in favor of Cicogna Sprint Onlus

Footgolf’s Memorial Vujadin Boskov is a charity event organized by Marco Lanna and Footgolf Liguria with Azimut.

The idea of ​​Marco Lanna, former Sampdoria defender, was to create a sporting event to remember the great Vujadin Boskov, the greatest coach in the history of Sampdoria, involving many historical champions who wore the Sampdoria uniform (… and not only! ).

Together with Footgolf Liguria, this idea materialized in 2016 with the 1st Memorial Vujadin Boskov, which saw the participation of champions of the caliber of Pagliuca, Mannini, Bonetti, Pari, Vierchowod, some even at their first approach with footgolf. Also present were the rossoblù Panucci, Nappi and Bortolazzi. The proceeds from the event were donate to Cicogna Sprint Onlus, the parents’ association that supports the “Giannina Gaslini” Institute in Genoa.

Genoa Cfc in training

Footgolf training with Genoa Cfc

During both 2017 and 2019, we organized days dedicated to professional football clubs, such as with Genoa Cfc which decided to subject their players to an “alternative” training session, accompanying physical activity with a fun footgolf challenge with the support of the staff of Footgolf Liguria.

This type of event, in addition to giving prestige to our Company and to please our players and Partners who can share sporting moments with their favorites, creates a high media interest that extends both to Footgolf Liguria and to all those who choose to accompany the Company in this adventure.

Sports Festival in the square

Footgolf Liguria in the square with a mini Footgolf course!

Great success in both 2016 and 2016 was the presence of Footgolf Liguria at the Festa dello Sport which is held every year at the Porto Antico in Genoa: over 3,000 people, young and old, were able to try again the thrill of playing footgolf in the square in front of the Aquarium.

On this occasion, Footgolf Liguria, with the collaboration of Golf Colline del Gavi, set up a mini footgolf course right in front of the Genoa Aquarium, complete with bunkers and water obstacles! Lots of children (… and grown-ups!) Who tested themselves to put the ball in the hole with the least number of shots possible.

A record-breaking event, with more than 100,000 people who played in the beautiful Olympic Park set up on the sea in the great event promoted by Porto Antico and Stelle in Sport in collaboration with Uisp and Coni Liguria.

Pro-Am charity

Pro-Am charity in favor of Gigi Ghirotti Onlus

A footgolf competition played with the head, the legs but above all the heart: the Beneficial Pro-Am of Footgolf was born from an idea of ​​Footgolf Liguria and Stars in Sport in favor of Gigi Ghirotti Onlus.

For the occasion, many former professional footballers and many guests from the entertainment world took to the field, united by the common desire to have fun and support the association of Professor Franco Henriquet.

Among the many guests, the former footballers Marco Lanna and Marco Nappi. The former international whistle Andrea De Marco, the TV faces Massimo Callegari and Michele Corti. Who hole after hole showed their footballing qualities by playing with the most experienced in this discipline.

Official speaker of the event Gianni Vasino who, with his famous phrases and strong irony. Accompanied the competition by commenting live on the shots and plays of the foot golfers. Giving many of them the thrill of being protagonists of the commentary. Of one of the most beloved radio commentators in the history of Italian football.

Arenzano Footgolf Cup

Footgolf competition in the city, between the sea and the park

A very ambitious project by Footgolf Liguria and made possible thanks to the total support received. By the Municipality of Arenzano and the Liguria Region, who have done their utmost to make this dream a reality.

With more than 100 players from all over Italy and beyond, the Arenzano Footgolf Cup saw the athletes struggling. With an unusual and suggestive articulated course within the city with 3 holes on the beach. And 6 inside the Negrotto Cambiaso park. . Up for grabs is a beautiful cruise offered by our Partner Costa Cruises.

In the Same way, Objective achieved is to promote footgolf in the area and the territory through footgolf. Thanks also to the involvement of a large number of local producers and artisans. Who have made their products available to create beautiful prizes. And new tourist opportunities by offering vouchers for weekends. in our region.

Award ceremony in the same way exclusive Villa Figoli in Arenzano. In the presence of the authorities of the municipality and the region, representatives of Costa Cruises, and various sponsors. After the award ceremony, an aperitif with finger food was prepare. By the students of the Academy of Higher Education for the Hótellerie di Bordo. Which is located in the majestic halls of the villa.

Also on this occasion, a space was dedicate to fundraising for cancer research in favor of AIRC.

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